Meet Grace

Meet Grace,

The Champion Builder from Seattle, Washington

Grace L. Holden is a largely versed, passion-driven Executive Advisor, Speaker, Strategist, and seasoned Entrepreneur who is best known for her many strides helping individuals and businesses record impressive growth patterns and attain huge successes by affording them effective consultancy services, proper leadership training and viable management strategies. Grace whose unwavering sense of dedication and no-nonsense approach have earned her the reputation as a down-to-earth strategist in the business space. Throughout the span of over two decades, she has garnered extensive expertise helping people thrive both professionally and personally.

Currently, Grace proudly serves as the CEO and co-founder of a personal and professional growth and development company called Blue Print for The CEO, LLC. As well as being involved in several other businesses and ventures. To date, she has facilitated a multitude of live events, mastermind groups, executive coaching, and leadership trainings. For the last decade, she has also been the Host of a prominent annual women’s conference in Las Vegas. Furthermore, she is the Author of “Dirty” the book and Best Selling Author of Invincible a Collaborative project and she is writing two other inspirational books entitled "Extraordinaire You" and "F.L.Y: First Love Yourself where she spills the tea on Positive Self Image 101 that most people ignore.

Grace owns a successful consultancy business Real Champions League; prior to her present ventures she owned a professional counseling business for numerous years and worked as an Executive of Training and Development for a major corporation. In addition, to a Master’s Degree in Human Services, she holds a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Leader designation.

Ultimately, Grace is on a lifelong mission to empower people to find their unique voice, discover their passion, and unlock their hidden potential, so they can live a happier and more fulfilling life. Above all, she is here to guide her valued client’s through life’s inevitable obstacles, so they can harness their limitless power and step into the best version of themselves.

“Everything Starts With a Dream“ and Winners Finds Ways to Win


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